How to deal with panic attacks?

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. Or it is like an anxiety disorder in which regular fear or sudden fear and panic attack occurs. In this disorder, a person has panic feelings and he is in a stressful condition. Symptoms of panic disorder are not so dangerous but they are frightening. And due to frightening symptoms. The condition of that person becomes dangerous and sometimes this is a cause of heart attack too. Many people have only one or two panic attacks in their life and then they are no more affected by panic attacks. But sometimes people have panic attacks regularly and continuously. According to mental health doctors near me, If one panic attack occurs, then there are more chances of panic attacks again. So that’s why panicking disorder or any other mental health disorder must be treated on time. 

How to deal with panic attacks?

Panic disorder hits you more fastly, so that’s why it should be stopped and to stop it, you should make a good strategy so that you can get out of it. 

“Breathing exercise”

When panicking attacks you, and if you breathe so fastly then you need to do breathing exercises. You should take long and deep breaths gently and softly. Inhale and exhale long and deep breaths. Those people who do breathing exercises, show that they can control panic attacks to many extents. So that’s why you should also do breathing exercises to control panic attacks. You should Close your eyes and then do breathing exercises. By doing this, you will become calm and relaxed.

“Recognize that you are having a panic attack”

You should recognize the panic attack immediately and you should understand that this is a temporary condition, nothing will happen due to this you are all ok. Move away from that fear from which you are afraid immediately or you thought that this is also a symptom of panic attack, keep yourself away from that. You have to face your fear, let your fear go away from you, don’t let  that fear dominate you, don’t become afraid of that fear, etc. By these techniques you can control panic attacks and then you use other techniques and remedies to reduce the symptoms of panic disorder. It is not necessary that it is a benefit that if you get away from fear and now everything is right, actually you have to face and fight with that fear and you can do it! So try to keep yourself relaxed and calm to handle different types of conditions.

“Mindfulness practice” 

Mindfulness practice is also a good way to handle panic attacks. In this practice, you have to focus on your present and recognize your emotional states Which are happening with you, and you try to reduce that stress which is not letting you to be relaxed, you do different things which help to be relaxed and calm, etc. You should focus on yourself and your present and the things which are with you, don’t think about those things which actually do not exist. Focus on objects which you own, try to keep yourself relaxed. And many psychiatrists recommend this strategy to control panic attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy near me is good option to relax your mind. So, you should try cbt therapy for treatment.

“Muscle relaxation techniques” 

Muscle tension is a symptom of anxiety. And muscle relaxation techniques are so helpful in controlling panic attacks and anxiety. In this technique, you relaxes your muscles and due to this your full body gets relaxed. Your psychiatrist or your physician do 3 or 4 processes for muscles relaxation technique. In the starting you must learn that how to tense muscles to release tension. In the second step you should learn how you can relax your muscles and release tension without tensing your muscles. Then you should know how you can relax a set of specific muscles. For example, you can relax shoulder muscles during daily life routine work and in the end you should know how you can do rapid relaxation practice, identification of tension area and also you should know about how to release that tension when you need to release it.

“Picture your happy place” 

It is proven through research that if you spend some of your time daily observing nature then you can control your anxiety, stress, depression, etc and you can reduce these all things. Every person has some special feelings about any place like some people get happy when they are in mountains, some are happy when they are at beaches, some people are happy when they are at greenery places, etc. So when panic attacks you, you need to close your eyes and imagine that place, thing or scene by which you become happy. Focus on that thing and by this you will reduce your anxiety. Or you should go to that place or person which is your happiness. You need a quiet, calm place to imagine so you should choose a place which is calm and quiet to go to the valley of imaginations.

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